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FitZonePLUS exists because many people of ALL shapes, sizes & abilities find typical yoga & fitness studios intimidating & non inclusive.

Give us the chance to help make a difference in your life. One hour, one class - JUST TRY IT. You don't have to come back, but most people do because we are EXACTLY what we say we are.  

You will NEVER feel judged, uncomfortable or out of place at FitZonePLUS. We PROMISE!

1 Month Unlimited Classes
$50.00 - Ends January 31st

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Chair Yoga Workshop
Taught by Nessa Hallman

January 20 , 2018
1:15 - 3:15pm

Note - custom workshops can be created for groups of 3 or more from only $50 per person.  

Chair Yoga is gentle and unique, creatively using a chair for stability during seated and standing poses, thus allowing almost everyone to experience the therapeutic benefits that yoga can offer. 

In this workshop you will learn traditional beginner yoga poses and breathing exercises which use a chair for support.  All of the poses are done while sitting, leaning or holding onto a chair. You will learn how to use other yoga props such as blocks and yoga straps and how to modify poses to fit your body and ability. You will not be required to move down to the floor at any time during this workshop. (or during our chair yoga classes)

This workshop is appropriate for anyone, especially those who have limited mobility, are recovering from an illness or injury or are looking for a very gentle yoga practice.

Gentle movement encourages better circulation, weight bearing standing poses are a safe way to build bone density. Awaken areas of the body that have been inactive, soothe aching joints and strengthen muscles while calming your mind with this very enjoyable practice. 

We are offering this workshop for $20.00 to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Part of the class is reserved for theory and questions. You will be active for approximately 30 - 40 minutes of the class.

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Beginner 102  Workshop


Note - custom workshops can be created for groups of 3 or more from only $50 per person.  

​So, you've been attending Beginner 101 classes at FitZonePLUS or at another studio for at least 3 months and you're ready for a new challenge...but...you don't know your downward dog from your crocodile or sun salutations from moonbeams.

This workshop will teach you the basic poses of the more challenging Yoga Flow class. While it's not a pre-requisite to attend the class, knowing the poses prior to attending the class will definitely help.

The Yoga Flow class is focused on developing synchronization of breath and flow of movement to build strength and balance in your practice. It is comprised of flows of movement called vinyasa which will connect several poses. The poses in this class are diverse so that they balance out both strength and flexibility. Unlike Beginner 101, Yoga Flow class plans differ from week to week.

Part of the class is reserved for theory and questions.  You will be active for approximately 45 - 50 minutes of the class.

This workshop is not suitable for those new to yoga as it is quickly paced and requires knowledge of basic beginner yoga poses. 3 months of yoga experience at beginner or higher level is required.

Beginner 102 Workshop
Chair Yoga Workshop
Intro to Yoga Workshop


Note - custom workshops can be created for groups of 3 or more from only $50 per person.  

This  workshop will help you overcome the intimidation that may be holding you back from starting a life changing yoga practice. Discover the many benefits of yoga: improve your balance, flexibility and relieve stress. Basic yoga poses will be broken down and demonstrated, slowly and clearly in a supportive, motivating environment.  

- Learn how a regular practice of yoga poses, meditation & breathing techniques can help manage 
  stress & improve your health 
- Learn how to modify fundamental yoga poses to suit YOUR body
- Basic poses will be taught with a focus on proper alignment using blocks, straps, bolsters & blankets
- The Instructor will demonstrate a pose first while students watch. You will then practice the pose. 
- Questions may be asked before, during and after the class 

This class will prepare you for any of our yoga classes other than Yoga Flow which is more challenging and requires experience.

Although not a requirement, this workshop is a great opportunity to learn basic Yoga poses and breathing techniques before attending a regular class.

Intro to Yoga Workshop