Have you ever gone to a yoga studio or gym and felt uncomfortable, 
intimidated or just plain irritated? 
We offer 22+ classes/week, from absolute beginner to more challenging intermediate levels. We 
welcome EVERYONE who can benefit from our smaller classes, hands on instruction and supportive, non judgmental environment.  People of ALL ages, shapes and sizes attend our classes.

You will NEVER feel judged, uncomfortable or out of place at FitZonePLUS.  We promise.


475 Danforth Ave.         416 629 1967
4 min walk from Chester Subway 
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FitZonePLUS exists because many people of ALL shapes, sizes & abilities find typical yoga and fitness studios intimidating and/or irritating. 

FitZonePLUS is different...in fact there is no other studio like ours in the world that we know of! We provide a supportive, judgment free environment more like a community not a 'gym' and offer unique yoga and fitness classes to suit many abilities and ALL bodies. We take into account diverse body types from petit to plus size, age, mobility, injuries and craft our classes in a way that make them accessible to most.  If one class isn't right for you...there will be another that is. 

Our client demographic is broad, from petit to plus size, 20's to 70's. 

Everything you need is provided including premium yoga matts and props in ALL of our classes at no extra charge. 

Of note if you are plus size: Every one of our instructors has been carefully chosen and they have all been trained on plus size modifications/options and etiquette. They are kind, supportive and non judgmental. (read testimonials here) It is EXTREMELY rare for instructors to have this training as, sadly, it is not taught in 99% of yoga and fitness trainings. (Suzanne, FitZonePLUS owner, is currently on a mission to change this! Read Suzanne's bio HERE)

If any of the above has resonated with you...do yourself a favour...attend a class - just one class - one hour of your life.  Perhaps it will change your life.

Ditch the Workout and Join the PARTY! It doesn't even feel like exercise - we promise!

FUN, easy to follow, 45 minute, lower impact Zumba® classes that alternate between fast and slow songs to ensure everybody can keep up. 

This Zumba® class, still TORCHES 300 - 750 calories in 45 minutes!

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Lithe, model-like people wearing glute enhancing leggings, while twisting into poses 99% of the population won't ever be able to do...this is NOT yoga.  Sadly, this typical depiction is what causes many people to think they 'can't do yoga' because they 'can't touch their toes'.  Not true.

Yoga meets you where you're at. As long as you choose the right class for your level and the right studio environment, there is a class for everyone.  At FitZonePLUS, we use props and offer modifications for most poses, in every class. We have classes from beginner to intermediate levels and offer many super relaxing restorative and yin yoga type classes.   We also provide premium yoga mats and props free of charge so you don't have to lug them around all day.  

Feel free to send an email or call if you need help in choosing the right class to start with.

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1 Month Unlimited Class Membership 
only $50.00! Limited time only.
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We've learned that our clients prefer to work with trainers and other clients clients who have shared similar experiences. Makes sense, doesn't it?  Our Personal Trainers have all overcome weight and body issues. They know how to help you.

Choose from lower cost Group Personal Training  and BodyFIT classes or individually tailored sessions held in your home or at our studio, at your convenience.

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ONLY $99.00/month!
Includes Yoga, Zumba, GPT and BodyFit.
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Cate can identify with her clients having struggled with her own weight and self-image for most of her life. After trying all the wrong ways to lose weight and be happy with her body, she finally found success with playful exercise and realised that she was always at her happiest when being active. She learned to make holistic lifestyle changes, helping her to find her inner athlete and repairing her relationship with food.  

Cate’s philosophy is that exercise is most effective when it is fun. She believes that the more fun you are having, the more you will want to stick with it and keep coming back. She likes to keep her workouts creative and accessible to everyone, while still being challenging enough to help you reach your goals.

“I have found such joy in being active and healthy! I became a Personal Trainer because I want to share that feeling with others. I hope that I can help inspire people to make the changes they need to love themselves more and enjoy their lives to the fullest.”

Personal Trainer 
& Mind Body
Makeover Instructor