Have you ever gone to a yoga studio or gym and felt uncomfortable, 
intimidated, defeated or just plain irritated? 
We offer 22+ classes/week, from absolute beginner to more challenging intermediate levels. We 
welcome EVERYONE who can benefit from our smaller classes, hands on instruction and supportive, non judgmental environment.  People of ALL ages, shapes and sizes attend our classes.

You will NEVER feel judged, uncomfortable or out of place at FitZonePLUS.  We promise.


475 Danforth Ave.         416 629 1967
4 min walk from Chester Subway 
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We've found that many people of ALL shapes, sizes & abilities find typical yoga studios intimidating. Most Western images of yoga show lithe, beautiful women wearing pricey 'glute enhancing' yoga gear, twisting themselves into poses that only certain body types could ever master after years of practice.  THAT IS NOT YOGA...it's advertising. Unfortunately, this is the introduction most people have to yoga and quite understandably decide it's not for them.

FitZonePLUS is different...in fact there is no other studio like ours in the world! We provide a judgment free environment more like a community not a 'gym' and offer unique yoga classes to suit many abilities such as Beginner 101, which teaches the foundations of yoga without the hefty price tag of having to attend beginner workshops, Happy Knees Restorative for those with knees problems, sore joints and/or mobility issues, Candlelight Restorative, Body Balance, Yin Yoga, Twist and Detox, Yin:Yang and the more challenging Tone and Flow (with optional weights) and Yoga Flow for those who have more experience and are looking for a great workout.  

We offer modified Zumba classes which are fun, easy to follow and lower impact than regular Zumba classes and Group Personal Training. See below for more details.

Our client demographic is broad, sizes 2 - 30+, ages 16 - 70+. Do you fit into this demographic - of course you do - that's the beauty of FitZonePLUS - we have something for everyone! 

We take into account diverse body types, age, mobility and injuries and craft our classes in a way that make them accessible to most.  If one class isn't right for you...there will be another that is.  
We provide premium yoga  matts and props in ALL of our classes at no extra charge. Modifications/options are available for ALL poses.

Of note if you are plus size: Every one of our instructors has been carefully chosen by the owner, Suzanne, a plus size woman herself.  They have all been carefully trained on plus size modifications/options and etiquette and are kind, supportive and non judgmental. (read testimonials here)  It is EXTREMELY rare for instructors to have this training as, sadly, it is not taught in 99% of yoga teacher trainings. (Suzanne is currently on a mission to change this! Read Suzanne's bio HERE)

It might sound ridiculous, but it's true...even one yoga class could change your life.  Regular yoga classes WILL change your life in so many ways it's difficult to explain.  Click here to learn the benefits of yoga.

If any of the above has resonated with you...do yourself a favour...attend a class - just one class - one hour of your life.  Perhaps it will change your life.

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Ditch the Workout and Join the PARTY! It doesn't even feel like exercise - we promise!

FUN, easy to follow, 45 minute, lower impact Zumba® classes that alternate between fast and slow songs to ensure everybody can keep up. 

This Zumba® class, still TORCHES 300 - 750 calories in 45 minutes!

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We've learned that our clients prefer to work with trainers who have shared similar experiences. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Choose from lower cost Group Personal Training classes or individually tailored sessions held in your home at your convenience.

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