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"We strive to create a fun, kind and uplifting atmosphere to help you appreciate your body." 

Still not sure if a class at FitZonePLUS is right for you? Perhaps you can relate to the many heartfelt stories below...
Yoga Testimonials

"This is the place to come if you have never walked into a yoga class or if you have walked in but were bothered by that deer-in-headlight look you got because you aren't a size 2; if you think yoga's not for you "because you can't even touch your toes"; if you *have* done yoga before and want to find a class/studio where you can actually laugh in class; if you want to find a community where no one cares what you look like, we just want you to show up and have fun." Isabelle B.  

"There are many centres and instuctors that are located much closer to me (distance wise) but they do not compare to the quality of the workshops/classes, strong support of the instructors in a safe environment. Bonus points for having the mats and equipment available so that I do not need to carry to and from class. One less thing for me to worry about."  
Leena S.

"The yoga classes at FitZonePlus have changed the way I live and the way I view myself. Never have I been so gentle with my body and my spirit and achieved such incredible health and fitness results." Isabelle F

"I began taking yoga classes with FitZone upon its creation last year after running into its founder distributing promotional materials, and I could not recommend it enough for people of all shapes and sizes. As a former yoga lover but currently out of shape individual, the class catered to all fitness levels. It has props available to assist people with any individual physical needs, but can also be improved for those looking for more of a challenge." Anna C.

​"This place is great! SUPER friendly staff, a location that can't be beat, and a totally supportive and non-intimating environment!" Alison H.

"I've taken yoga classes with various instructors through FitZonePlus for almost a year - every time I'm in class, I feel comfortable and supported in my practice. Whenever I've had difficulty completing a pose, or an injury affecting my ability on a given day, the instructors (and Suzanne) have been exceptionally adaptable." Alison L.

"As a fat woman interested in being more active, it has been a great relief to have found a place where I don't feel like an outsider or freak that is taking up too much space. It is a pleasure to attend classes when you feel welcome. The professional quality of the instructors was a fabulous surprise! I feel that ALL the instructors (in the classes I have attended so far) are mindful of your abilities and limitations, and watch the participants to ensure proper form and reduce the chances of injuries. It is lovely to feel safe and comfortable in an environment that I used to deeply fear and despise." T.E.

​"If you're a beginner, have physical limitations, have 'fallen off the exercise wagon' for a while or just want to have a place that doesn't feel like a cookie cutter meat market of a gym this is the place for you.The instructors are cheerful and knowledgeable and go out of their way to help with accommodating people with physical limitations. The owner is very hands on and flexible, as well as being a genuinely nice person and someone who is passionate about her business... The classes themselves are well organized and allow you to work at your level of fitness while pushing you to improve." Tracey R.

"The studio is a nice size, bright and air-conditioned and class sizes mean that personal attention is possible. The classes are focused, fun and depending which one you take can be challenging or just utterly relaxing. Most importantly, I find that the other attendees are friendly and supportive. There's a very welcoming atmosphere."
Becky S.
Zumba Testimonials

"I was often the kid picked last (or next to last) for sports teams, so I have always felt like a sore thumb in regular gyms exercise classes (those kinds of memories run deep and affect ones confidence). I am also not self-motivated and can always find a reason to put off exercising to the point where "later" becomes "never". The way FitZonePLUS is structured addresses both of these issues. I am surrounded by other wonderful curvy women of all shapes and sizes. The group is non-judgemental and so supportive and fun." A.M.

"I started with Monday Zumba classes in January 2013. The previous few months had been difficult ones and I decided it was time to invest in myself. I enjoyed the first class but was tentative as I've never been keen on group activities. Frankly I find them overwhelming. But I went back each week. Then I went on vacation for three weeks. In the past that would have been the excuse I needed to never go back. However, I did go back not only to Monday night Zumba but I also signed up for the Wednesday night class and Saturday Yoga Flow! I've now added the Friday night Yoga Flow class. If you were to tell me that I could attend just one of my classes, I would find it very difficult to choose. For the first time in my life I really look forward to and enjoy exercising!"
 Sally D.

"The Zumba class offered at FitZone is not only a great workout but it also builds my confidence. Being in a space where I can be silly, laugh, make jokes truly feel at ease while also breaking a sweat is very appealing to me." 
Jenn S.

"I look forward to attending the 45 minute Zumba session every week and it flies by and doesn't feel like a work out (trust me it is) because I'm having so much fun dancing!" Amanda M.  

"I had my first experience with Zumba and FitzonePlus last week and loved it. Everybody was welcoming and accepting, Karla, the instructor, was stimulating and infectiously enthusiastic. A great way to exercise."  
Vida H.

"The instructor was wonderful, and the environment was *so* friendly - I was nervous going in, but everyone was smiling and happy, and the class was fantastic - everyone had a great time." Liz W.

"I have been going to Zumba classes at FitZonePlus for a while now and I love it! I was looking for an exercise program to start my journey for a healthy lifestyle change and saw an article about FitZone Plus in the paper. I decided to try it out and haven't looked back. Both Suzanne and the instructors are great! The atmosphere is one of acceptance, encouragement and FUN! I have such a good time in Zumba class, I don't even realize what a great workout I am getting! I have also tried the restorative yoga and was amazed at how relaxed and good my body felt afterward. I am so grateful for FitZonePlus for making me feel so welcome and where I have such a good time as I work on improving my health." Anthea H.
Group Personal Training 

"I'm eating more healthily, getting fitter and losing weight. I'm making sustainable changes in my life. This is the first time I've enjoyed a group fitness class in my life! Danielle, the Personal Trainer, is smart, compassionate and unfailingly positive, and the group is fun and supportive. I look forward to every session and I feel great afterward.
 - L.F.

"Attending my first GPT I was both scared and excited. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to do anything or just feel embarrassed. But Danielle (our trainer) put me at ease right away. Especially when she promised that we would never, ever do a jumping jack, crunch or sit up!"
- Isabelle F.

"I have been to other trainers and tried every workout under the sun and have never achieved the fitness level I am currently at. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Danielle is passionate about helping those who don't normally enjoy fitness find a way to love it and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every class. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun!" A. H. 

"Yo yo diets and gym membership drop out, that was me, before I found FitZonePLUS. I tried on dresses in December for a Christmas party and couldn’t do up the zipper, that gave me the motivation to make some real lifestyle changes. After registering for Group Personal Training, Danielle (the trainer) and I discussed my goals and what it would take to achieve those goals. With a little discipline and a regular routine, I have already lost 20 lbs in just 4 months and I have muscle tone!! I eat better and am rarely interested in bingeing on bad foods, a serious problem that has plagued me my whole life." 
- D.D

"Being a part of a wonderful group of like-minded women of all shapes and sizes is more motivating than I ever though it could be. I've never experienced anything like this before and it shows...for the first time ever...I'm attending group personal training classes regularly, 2X per week! I'm setting goals and sticking to them. My body and mind have never felt healthier." 
- S.G.

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