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“FitZonePLUS exists because many people of ALL shapes, sizes & abilities find typical yoga & fitness studios intimidating & non inclusive.”
(In Canadian $)

Trial Session: 75 minutes - $30.00
Single Session - 60 minutes - $50.00
Package of 10 Sessions - $450.00
Package of 20 Sessions - $800.00
Package of 40 Sessions - $1200.00

Add $20 for each additional person, 
up to 10 people. 

"If you're a beginner, have physical limitations, have 'fallen off the exercise wagon' for a while or just want a class that doesn't feel like a cookie cutter experience, Suzanne is the instructor for you. She is cheerful, incredibly knowledgeable and goes out of her way to help with accommodating people with physical limitations. She is very hands on and will make sure you're safe, (even through skype) as well as being a genuinely nice person and someone who is passionate about her business and making yoga accessible and inclusive. The classes themselves are well planned and organized and allow you to work at your level of fitness while still challenging you."  

          - Tammy Lew, FitZonePLUS client since 2011

Throughout the almost 5 years I've owned FitZonePLUS I've had hundreds of requests open a studio in other cities in North America. The financial challenge of owning and operating a studio is daunting and limits the brick and mortar growth.

I'm so happy to announce that I CAN NOW BRING YOGA TO YOU...TO YOUR living room, office, condo gym, backyard...or wherever you'd like to practice.  Yoga through skype, it's online, interactive and very similar to having me in your home or a private class with me in my studio.


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Skype is free, it's interactive, you can see me and I can see you! It's almost like we're in the same room! All you need is a yoga mat, strap ($5), 2 yoga blocks ($12) and skype. (Yoga props can be purchases at any sporting goods store or online)

First, we will have a phone chat to determine your, goals, needs and exactly where you're at physically, then I will create personalized sessions just for YOU, for the body you have TODAY. The first session will be 90 minutes to allow for 30 minutes of questions and comments before and after the class.

During the class, I demo, cue and adjust your poses verbally as I would if we were in the same room. I can see you and you can see me. You can ask questions, you can watch me demonstrate and discuss poses. Skype is a phenomenal tool to bring my personal brand of body positive, yoga to more people, anywhere in the world! 

Choose from Beginner, Restorative, Yin, Happy Knees, Chair Yoga, Flow, Yoga with Weights or a combination of any of these classes. Click here to read class descriptions.  

Whether you're an absolute beginner or have more experience, you have an injury or you haven't been active in a while, through the wondrous technology of skype and the internet, I CAN HELP YOU! A class can be as simple as gentle, restorative poses done while seated or lying down for the whole class, stretching your body from the inside out to slowly get you more mobile.  Or your classes can be as challenging as a hearty yoga flow class using hand weights...or something in between.  IT'S TOTALLY UP TO YOU!  I can change it up each session or keep it similar, again up to you.  You'll be shocked at how quickly your body will start to open up and become more mobile and flexible!


Share your session with your partner, a friend or two or create your own yoga group.  This means you can also share the cost!All you need is a space large enough for the number of people in your group, skype and a good internet connection. (A living room, basement, backyard, school gym, church, meeting room at your place of business, the possibilities are endless!)

If you have a group larger than 3, it's best to hook up your laptop or computer to a flat screen so everyone can see better.  SO EASY to do.  Click here to view pricing options.

Click here to speak with Suzanne
Drop In Classes: JAN 9 - 12
If you're interested in arranging your first session, please send an email. I'm also happy to answer your questions.

Suzanne is an international advocate for inclusive, non judgmental, supportive yoga classes for ALL BODIES. She is a pioneer in Plus Size Fitness and created the FIRST plus size yoga class in North America in 2002. She specializes in Beginner, Plus Size and Senior yoga and teaches a variety of classes including Hatha, Restorative and Yin. She has practiced yoga for 20+ years and has trained 100+ instructors on yoga modifications and how to work with diverse body types. To read Suzanne's full bio, click here.

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