475 Danforth Avenue
​4 minute walk east from Chester Station

FitZonePLUS exists because many people of ALL shapes, sizes & abilities find typical yoga & fitness studios intimidating & non inclusive.

Give us the chance to help make a difference in your life. One hour, one class - JUST TRY IT. You don't have to come back, but most people do because we are EXACTLY what we say we are.  

You will NEVER feel judged, uncomfortable or out of place at FitZonePLUS. We PROMISE!

1 Month Unlimited Classes

New! Feeling Good Workshop Series! Starting Feb 23!

“Love Thyself” with Nessa Hallman
Part 1 - Forgiveness & Self Acceptance

Join us for a 2 hour Yin and Restorative Yoga class, accompanied with guided meditation. The guided meditation will help you to release anger, judgment, negative beliefs about yourself, your life and focus on accepting yourself for who you are right now!

Please note that the workshop involves a long Yin and Restorative class, accompanied with breaks and guided meditation while you are in yin and restorative postures. 

Experience the physical benefits of yoga, and the mental benefits of a guided meditation as we work towards establishing balance of the body, mind and soul. 
Release your anger and negative beliefs about your self. This workshop will aide you  on your path of accepting and approving of who you are right now. 

"NO negative condition can remain in our lives, when we truly love and accept ourselves.  
LOVE is the healing power." L. Hay 

Cost   $25 
Time: 3pm - 5pm
Register by email @ info@fitzone-plus.com
Payment may be made via Paypal (below) or by e-transfer

Love Thy Self Workshop