Have you ever gone to a yoga studio or gym and felt uncomfortable, 
intimidated or just plain irritated? 

We offer 20+ classes/week, from absolute beginner to more challenging intermediate levels. We 
welcome EVERYONE who can benefit from our smaller classes, hands on instruction and supportive, non judgmental environment.  People of ALL ages, shapes and sizes attend our classes.

You will NEVER feel judged, uncomfortable or out of place at FitZonePLUS.  We promise.


475 Danforth Ave.         416 629 1967
4 min walk from Chester Subway 
Enter the through the door to Yogurty's
Special Promo - $65 for 60 mins!
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Everyone has their reason but we've found many people of ALL shapes, sizes & abilities find typical yoga studios intimidating. No need to feel self conscious at FitZonePLUS! We provide a judgment free environment, (we promise!) and we offer unique classes to suit many abilities such as Happy Knees Restorative, Beginner 101, Candlelight Restorative, Body Balance, Yin Yoga and the more challenging Iron Yoga and Yoga Flow.  

Flexibility is NOT a requirement!
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Ditch the Workout and Join the PARTY! It doesn't even feel like exercise - we promise!

FUN, easy to follow, 45 minute, lower impact Zumba® classes that alternate between fast and slow songs to ensure everybody can keep up. 

This Zumba® class, still TORCHES 300 - 750 calories in 45 minutes!

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How can a trainer who has never experienced being overweight or had health problems understand what it's like? We've learned that our clients prefer to work with trainers who have shared similar experiences. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Choose from lower cost Group Personal Training classes or individually tailored sessions held in your home at your convenience.

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We offer a positive and welcoming space to gather, share, and explore new ideas and concepts, while connecting with other like minded individuals. We choose topics and instructors that introduce practical knowledge, encourage more mindfullness and help to facilitate sustainable change. Attending ongoing workshops and events is one way to continually stretch and better ourselves and invites us to set and reach new personal goals. 

If you live too far away to attend regular classes, the weekend workshops are a great way to be a part of  be part of our inspiring community.

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FitZonePLUS Yoga Retreat in Jibacoa, Cuba
April 6 - 13, 2014 
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